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Cockroach Count

Jan. 31, 2009: 2

Today, at 2:26 pm, I have seen two cockroaches.  One: early in the morning,the Ambrosial hours, as they say in Ayurveda (which I have been semi-obsessed with yet thoroughly confused by), as Sora sat by the bedroom door, half naked, sort of scooting away form a very large dark darting thing, which to my horror, was a very large Oriental (perhaps) cockroach. Certainly not Germanic.

I was reminded of a story told to me by a Puerto Rican veteran of the Iraq war, as we were leaving his grandmother’s apt. in one of the projects of Spanish Harlem.  I had crashed there the night before, after he (whose name escapes me now), rescued me from beside a fountain in Washington Square, disallowing me to stay at one of the overpriced hostels in New York.  His grandmother lent me her nightgown, and I snuck past his sleeping cousin on the couch, and his hyper dog chained to the bathroom sink to change.  She scowled at me through the folds in her face, and shoved me towards her room.  “I think she likes you,” he (whose name I can not recall), said before she cuffed him on the ear and sent him into the living room, a sheet of profanities unfolded in Spanish before him.

I have to apologize for this post. I am writing this as I am feeding my daughter rice cracker crumbs and listening to bad jazz on kdvs, fielding the baby’s escapes out through the recently mastered screen door, and frying cheese while contemplating quitting dairy.

He, whose name escapes me, said that when he was little, he used to play cops and robbers in an abandoned building in the lower east side.  He also said that when he was little, a crazy man kidnapped him and crucified him to his floor.  Even showed me the scars on his palms and feet.  He was the “cop” who had just spied the “robber.”  Rounding the corner, jumping out and exclaiming, “I got you!” the floor boards gave way and he fell into the basement.

When a cockroach sees light, it scurries into dark spaces.  Tiny holes in the cupboard, cracks in the floor, etc.  When he broke through the floor into the darkness of the basement, he landed in a sea of cockroaches (perhaps the Germanic kind), scurrying into the closest dark space they could find: little boy nostrils, ears, mouth. Need I elaborate? He had to go to the hospital to have them removed.

So, anyways, this morning: cockroach scurrying towards my half naked baby’s vagina, other daughter screaming at me from the bathroom, husband about 2 hours away for the next 56 hours.  Needless to say, it’s been a stressful day.

Second sighting was in the cupboard a little less than an hour ago, which prompted me to post, for the very first time, on this site.  I had other visions for the first post, grandiose, and far too involved.  So, here it is: Cockroach count #1!  Here’s to more cockroaches!