Meteor Shower

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I am just going to post something. Anything. Since I last wrote here, on this blog, which I do not have a lot of affection for, we have left Davis, had another baby girl, another underwater sonic unattended tree top birth. We backpacked up and down the Sierras. Camped too. Drove to Washington and back. Acquired a puppy. And purchased a tipi. I’m sure more has happened too.

We now live in a tent while we wait for our tipi to arrive. Already, the poles have been skinned, sanded, oiled, and on the hill top, hot hilltop at the end of the olive tree line, they stand, pointing in 17 directions. I think it was 17. I can’t remember now. Two are still down, waiting for our attentions.

But, the hill top is illegal for our residing. So we must either build a fort of hay bales, hops, jasmine and bamboo around us, to shield us from passersby, so as not to incur the wrath of the county. Or, our co-community members. Never been in a community with so much wrath. Intentional wrath. But we all love each other still. Going mad, dropping out, setting sail for north, perhaps.

My children are wonderful beings. The dog too. He came from the north. Was discovered by a co-community member at the flea market. He took him here, to this valley, wolf hybrid trailing behind him wherever he went. Then, said, nope. Can’t take care of a shadow. I said, I can. Three shadows following me across the wood chips. Now, I have four.

And that’s how we got here. sort of. Not up to the hill, though. That’s another story, involving illegal substance ingestion by canine companions, and emergency vet visitations on the one night, only night, that Dylan and I have ever set up babysitting since the birth of Tuli Llew… Another story too.

In a few days, Dylan and I will have been together for ten years. Starlight riding on a nighttime train. Still kissing in the rain.

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